Scrum Board

A physical board to visualize information for and by the Scrum Team, often used to manage Sprint Backlog. Scrum boards are an optional implementation within Scrum to make information visible.


A piece of working software that adds to previously created Increments, where the sum of all Increments -as a whole – form a product.

Feature Toggle

Software development practice that allows dynamically turning (parts of) functionality on and off without impacting the overall accessibility of the system by its users.

Development Team

The role within a Scrum Team accountable for managing, organizing and doing all development work required to create a releasable Increment of product every Sprint.


An organizational concept serving to bridge the gap between development and operations, in terms of skills, mind-set, practices and silo-mentality. The underlying idea is that developers are aware of, and in daily work consider implications on operations, and vice...

Cross Functional

Characteristic of a team holding that all the skills required to successfully produce a releasable Increment in a sprint are available within the team, where releasable refers to making the software available in production.

Cyclomatic Complexity

A measure of code complexity based on the number of independent logical branches through a code base. Cyclomatic complexity is expressed as a simple integer.

Continuous Deployment

A software delivery practice in which the release process is fully automated in order to have changes promoted to the production environment with no human intervention.

Continuous Delivery

A software delivery practice similar to Continuous Deployment except a human action is required to promote changes into a subsequent environment along the pipeline.

Collective Code Ownership

A software development principle popularized by Extreme Programming holding that all contributors to a given codebase are jointly responsible for the code in its entirety.

Code Coverage

A measurement indicating the amount of product code that is exercised by tests. Cohesion and Coupling:  coupling refers to the interdependencies between modules, while cohesion describes how related the functions within a single module are.

Clean Code

Software code that is expressed well, formatted correctly, and organized for later coders to understand. Clarity is preferred over cleverness.
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