“Bots are software programs created to automatically perform specific operations. While some bots are created for relatively¬†harmless purposes (video gaming, internet auctions, online contests, etc), it is becoming increasingly common to see bots being used maliciously. Bots can be used in botnets (collections of computers to be controlled by third parties) for DDoS attacks, as spambots that render advertisements on websites, as web spiders that scrape server data, and for distributing malware disguised as popular search items on download sites. Websites can guard against bots with CAPTCHA tests that verify users as human.” (Lord, 2012)

Resources: Lord, Nate (2012) Veracode. Common Malware Types: Cybersecurity 101. http://blog.veracode.com/2012/10/common-malware-types-cybersecurity-101/

Image Provided by Veracode.

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